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Mod swapping guide

I want everyone to follow this guide in order to achieve the highest potential of their teams while doing combat missions in Territory Battles.

I'm guessing we all have our best mods on our arena team, right? If you don't have that, then use http://swgoh.gg to check your mods and set your best ones on your arena team. The reason is obvious.

1. Go to your characters, and set each of the characters in your arena team as favorite :


2. Go to each of your arena characters' mods and lock each mod (make sure that only your best 5 sets of mods are locked):


3. Now mark each of the characters of the team you want to use in TW as favorite :


4. Swap 1 set at a time so you don't mix them up. I'll remove the mods from Asajj for example, and put them on Han Solo :

By following this guide you will not mix up any mods or create chaos within your mods ( i know how annoying that is ), because the only 5 mods with that are locked are the ones you have to swap.

Repeat this actions for all your teams.

Put laziness aside and let's obtain the best possible results with each of our roosters.