Dacii Liberi Romania

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes High-End International Guild.
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DLR Rules

1. 600 tickets/day
2. Raid hours: Rancor 21:00 (CET+1), HAAT 22:00 (CET+1)
3. Raid rules: 0 damage for 24 hours, Rancor: post damage after 21:10 (CET+1), those who do full solo, post at 21:20 (CET+1)
HAAT: First three in the previous raid will NOT post more than 2.5 million damage.
P1 post at 22:10 (CET+1), after that it's free for all.
4. Read rule number 1
5. To ensure the guild growth you are required to follow the officers advice regarding teams to develop.
6. Those who feast on the pork earlier (in the 24 h 0 damage period - they won't hit the Rancor in the current raid and will register with 0 damage for the next one).     Also those who scratch the tank, they will continue their damage in the current raid, if they fail to do that they will be penalized in the following raid. By scratching i mean 0-5k... not more
Penalties for those who do not do their 600 tickets:
Strike 1: 1 Raid 0 damage (Rancor or HAAT, whatever comes first)
Strike 2: 2 Raids 0 damage (Rancor or HAAT, whatever comes first)
Strike 3: 1 Raid BAN
Strike 4: 2 Raids BAN and the guild officers will decide what happens to you, but most likely you will be OUT

Territory battles and Territory Wars
Follow the officers instructions on Discord and in the game chat.

We are all in the same boat so let's row together.