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DS TB phase 6 for an average player

Watched 202 times

I have no idea what they were thinking when releasing the current dark side territory battles but there"e;s no possible way for me as an average not free to play player to complete any combat mission.Teams used : 4 zeta nightsisters, 2 zeta empire team, 4 zeta sith team.I"e;m around 2.6mil GP and my collection can be seen here :https://swgoh.gg/u/dme/collection/

Nightsisters vs Jedi Rey

Watched 194 times

HAAT p4 full with rebels and Asajj

Watched 144 times

Best part about this team is that you don't need AMAZING mods:Wedge - CD+CC set, speed 161Biggs - CD+CC set, speed 164Ezra - CD+CC set, speed 228R2 - Speed+CC set, speed 256Asajj - CD+CC set, speed 193Zetas in this team :R2D2 has both ( can probably be done without any )Asajj has her unique with zeta.

Nightsisters with Jedi Knight Anakin

Watched 139 times

I received a few suggestions to try JKA with nightsisters.Due to his unique JKA apparently has some synergy with the nightsisters, however in this team I tried he doesn't seem to do enough in order to replace MT.

Nightsisters vs Nightsisters

Watched 138 times

dme vs Vi5ion