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DS TB phase 6 for an average player

Watched 42 times

I have no idea what they were thinking when releasing the current dark side territory battles but there"e;s no possible way for me as an average not free to play player to complete any combat mission.Teams used : 4 zeta nightsisters, 2 zeta empire team, 4 zeta sith team.I"e;m around 2.6mil GP and my collection can be seen here :https://swgoh.gg/u/dme/collection/

Nightsisters vs Jedi Rey

Watched 41 times

Nightsisters with Jedi Knight Anakin

Watched 32 times

I received a few suggestions to try JKA with nightsisters.Due to his unique JKA apparently has some synergy with the nightsisters, however in this team I tried he doesn't seem to do enough in order to replace MT.

The unique zeta on Mother Talzin does wonders

Watched 31 times

Just as the title says... The zeta on MT`s unique skill does wonders, at some point in the fight she does 3 consecutive hits.

Commander luke squad Auto solo rancor

Watched 22 times

Commander luke squad Auto solo rancor under 13 minutes. No zeta required, minimum g9 on CLS is recommended.