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Gear 8 Bounty Hunter DSTB Phase 5 SM Guide!!!

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Having trouble with crappy Bounty Hunters?! Lose no more! In this video I show how to beat the final Special Mission needed for them with three gear 8 toons and very poor mods. SPEEDS: Boba 214(+67), Zam 211(+69), the rest are about 160Crit chance on Dengar is 58% but I suggest you get that as high as you can, preferably to 70% without counting Boba"e;s leadership.Let me know any other aspects of the game you want covered in the comments below!Greetings, goodbye, and...

DS TB phase 6 for an average player

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I have no idea what they were thinking when releasing the current dark side territory battles but there"e;s no possible way for me as an average not free to play player to complete any combat mission.Teams used : 4 zeta nightsisters, 2 zeta empire team, 4 zeta sith team.I"e;m around 2.6mil GP and my collection can be seen here :https://swgoh.gg/u/dme/collection/

The unique zeta on Mother Talzin does wonders

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Just as the title says... The zeta on MT`s unique skill does wonders, at some point in the fight she does 3 consecutive hits.

SWGOH: HAAT: Part 4: Rebels with BB8: Full Solo (technically short by less than...

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BB8 is my fav. had to play it safe as i was raiding in my home guild, and it just goes too fast, so def was more prudent and def made a mistake losing wedge. Anyways, this team is extremely easy, just wait to time BB8 and or han's specials before and or after topple.

POTENCY VS TENACITY Explained star wars galaxy of heroes swgoh

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all abilities start at 100% potencyso equation is 100+potency-tenacity=chance (Door 2)This is why characters like CLS or GAT are better as their equation is 100+potency-100-tenacity= real chance(15% hardwired failure not included above )Warrior"e;s Roster Review Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4T6E5kZvTqCntOr3V5zjfQFor exclusive access to Warrior on Discord, early access to videos AND for a Roster Review you can support Warrior for as...