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Wampa on defense vs Nightsisters

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I was sooooooo curious to see how Wampa would be, and DAMN it hits hard!!! A shardmate has him at 5 stars gear 11 and the damage output is amazing. Can"e;t wait to see it at 7 stars with full gear 12 pieces!

HAAT p4 full with rebels and Asajj

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Best part about this team is that you don't need AMAZING mods:Wedge - CD+CC set, speed 161Biggs - CD+CC set, speed 164Ezra - CD+CC set, speed 228R2 - Speed+CC set, speed 256Asajj - CD+CC set, speed 193Zetas in this team :R2D2 has both ( can probably be done without any )Asajj has her unique with zeta.

SWGOH: HAAT 33.5 Million with ONE TEAM Walkthrough (Asajj gets +14 Million DMG)

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Watch this video to see how you can do 33.5 million damage with one team in under an hour!!! Asajj is a beast as she does almost 15 MILLION herself in phases 3 & 4 as these phases are soloed.Players & Possible DMG: 0:10PHASE 2: 0:35-1:35Time Investment: 0:35Zetas & Omegas: 0:45How to Play: 1:30PHASE 3: 1:35Please post in the comments any future videos you would like to see! Supergirl (Fly in My Dreams Mix) by vo1k1 (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a...

SWGOH: HAAT: Part 4: Rebels with BB8: Full Solo (technically short by less than...

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BB8 is my fav. had to play it safe as i was raiding in my home guild, and it just goes too fast, so def was more prudent and def made a mistake losing wedge. Anyways, this team is extremely easy, just wait to time BB8 and or han's specials before and or after topple.

Nightsisters wihtout Zombie are just as viable

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dme vs random BHG dude