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Nightsisters wihtout Zombie are just as viable

Watched 104 times

dme vs random BHG dude

A different HAAT p4 team that can 100%-0

Watched 99 times

Wampa on defense vs Nightsisters

Watched 97 times

I was sooooooo curious to see how Wampa would be, and DAMN it hits hard!!! A shardmate has him at 5 stars gear 11 and the damage output is amazing. Can"e;t wait to see it at 7 stars with full gear 12 pieces!

Nightsisters vs JTRey meta

Watched 97 times

dme vs bababoboGotta love destroying a 7 zeta team :))

Nightsisters vs another Jedi Rey comp

Watched 90 times