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Commander luke squad Auto solo rancor

Watched 257 times

Commander luke squad Auto solo rancor under 13 minutes. No zeta required, minimum g9 on CLS is recommended.

HAAT P2 nightsisters 5.2m

Watched 245 times

It"e;s not a bad team to be honest, and since it"e;s the first time I"e;m doing this there"e;s probably a lot of room for improvement.

Nightsisters vs another Jedi Rey comp

Watched 242 times

Wedge(L),CLS,zHan Solo make HAAT p1 look like a joke

Watched 231 times

Someone requested a vid with this comp and here it is. Although I had like the worst possible rng with tm removal it still didn"e;t go past 10 minutes.

Wampa on defense vs Nightsisters

Watched 229 times

I was sooooooo curious to see how Wampa would be, and DAMN it hits hard!!! A shardmate has him at 5 stars gear 11 and the damage output is amazing. Can"e;t wait to see it at 7 stars with full gear 12 pieces!